The Costa Blanca is a unique place to enjoy life. Its 240 km of clear water beaches and its warm climate throughout the year make this part of the Levantine coast an extraordinary place.
Hidden coves, natural parks, leafy woods and mountain streams. A biodiversity which is combined with a social and cultural wealth sustained by a thousand year old tradition. Cutting edge cuisine and traditional products: archaeological sites and monuments. It is variety that defines the Mediterranean life-style.
San Juan beach, a district which is part of the city of Alicante, is a favourite destination amongst many Spanish people and foreigners, both as a place to live and as a place to spend their holidays, mainly due to its spectacular location and its excellent services and communication. An enormous range of cultural activities, excellent bars and restaurants and sporting and leisure facilities, more than 6 uninterrupted kilometres of beach to practice water sports, a golf course, a splendid promenade to walk or cycle along, numerous restaurants and traditional beach bars, various trendy beach clubs on the sand...San Juan beach is brimming with life and nature, and just a few steps away from Alicante city centre.